Effective Bid Writing Training

The Problem: Bid writing training requires SMEs to change their writing approach. Past experience has shown that, whatever bid writing training they might have received, when it comes to their next bid, it is unlikely they will apply it.

The reasons for this are:

  • SMEs are not bid professionals – they are technical experts usually brought in to work on the bid. Even if they have received bid writing training, it is most likely to have been forgotten.
  • Producing a bid is a highly stressful, time-constrained activity – the SMEs have enough to do with producing their responses, without the pressure of trying to implement new ways of writing a bid
  • Few SMES will want to risk losing the bid by “trying them out” – with no track record of success in using these bid writing techniques, and little experience in how to apply them


The Solution: Provide bid writing training, together with just-in-time training and coaching, during a live bid. This approach will embed the new bid processes and writing techniques within the bid team, and ensure they are applied effectively.

The optimum approach is to:

  • Receive 1- 2 day training course – with the opportunity to practice the techniques in small teams
  • Provide training at the critical junctures in a live bid – such as producing answer outlines, and commencing writing
  • Reinforce the training for team members – through one-on-one coaching on how to apply the techniques in their assigned questions
  • Work with the bid management team – to implement effective review processes that will ensure high quality answers are produced