Increase your chances of winning your next bid

Learn how to write high-scoring answers

Professionally responding to bids, tenders or proposals is critical to winning business.

Increase your win rate

Writing a bid can be an overwhelming task for business development specialists, subject matter experts, and bid writers. Our bid writing courses will prepare and inspire your team to develop winning bids and proposals more effectively and efficiently.

A proven approach to winning

Your bid team needs a proven approach for consistently writing high-scoring answers that are easy to read and evaluate, giving them a winning formula for writing their next bid.

Step-by-step guidance

Our training provides step-by-step guidance in:

  • Deconstructing questions – to produce correctly structured, compliant answer outlines
  • Quickly populating their first drafts – for review before commencing the writing in earnest
  • Crafting customer-focused, easy-to-evaluate answers – to consistently achieve high scores

Improve your writing quality, increase your scores and win rate, and drive down the cost of bidding.

Become a bid writing expert

Elevate your writing skills in an ever-expanding market. The pandemic has raised the bar for online bid writing services and you can jump in the deep end after only two days of training.

Learn by Doing

In addition to step-by-step videos, you can download all the exercises – with workings – handouts and checklists, to help you succeed in your bid writing.

Practical exercises – with workings

You can quickly embed this new knowledge by working through exercises designed to help you understand how to implement the training in your next bid.

Handouts and checklists – for download

You will be given every step you need to navigate the complex journey of writing a winning bid, using the handouts and checklists that come with this course.

Transform your technical experts into helping you win new business!

Is your bid writing team getting low scores for their written answers, and you can’t see the reason why? Your experts have a wealth of knowledge of your business, but they need to know how to articulate that data into easy-to-evaluate answers.

If you don’t get the marks, you can’t win the bid!

Rick Allen, Bid Writing Trainer


The course is designed to make bid writing easy for you

While studying new skills can be daunting, this course is very practical and offers step-by-step guidance.

How long does the course take?

This is self-paced training. If you wish to complete all the modules one after the other, it will take approximately two days.

What happens if I start and stop halfway?

If you are a first-time online subscriber, the progress bars will indicate how far you have gone in each module, so you can easily resume where you left off.

If you have completed the Facilitated via Zoom training and are accessing the online course as part of your post-training support, you can navigate to any of the lessons you choose, in the course that you are enrolled in.

Can I apply the techniques immediately?

Yes, you can. You will have access to the course and as you write your next bid, you can have the course to refer to.

What happens if I can't login to my account?

You can write to us using the contact form and we aim to reply within one working day.