How will you win your next bid?

Learn how to consistently beat the competition

Learn the winning formula in less than two days

It’s not enough to merely respond to competitive bids and proposals, you need to win.

You can’t win them all, but you can shorten the odds if you know how to consistently score the most points.

Like winning an Olympic gold medal, competing for a bid or tender can come down to a fraction of a point between the winner and second place… and, there is no silver medal with competitive tenders.

The most effective way to win your next bid is through Bid Writing Gold Pro’s repeatable step-by-step system. You will learn how to score the maximum points for each question and create high-impact proposals that senior decision-makers will want to read.

Online Self-Paced (9.5 hours) OR Facilitated via Zoom (4 x 3.75 hours)

This was a great course for my team. It gave them new approaches and a real insight into bidding.

Caroline B., Head of Bid Management

Understanding the Bid Lifecycle

 Answering the Question

Writing High-Scoring Answers

Crafting High-Impact Executive Summaries

Producing Compelling Sales Proposals

Conducting Effective Bid Reviews

Online Self-Paced (6.75 hours) OR Facilitated via Zoom (3 x 3.5 hours)

Writing For fast Comprehension

 Answering the Question

Writing High-Scoring Answers

Five Key Steps

The training has really opened our eyes to how effective the right bid writing process can be, when used consistently by the whole team.

Elena M., Sales Director