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A Winning Formula

Writing a bid can be an overwhelming task for business development specialists, subject matter experts, and bid writers. Your bid team needs a proven approach for consistently writing high-scoring answers that are easy-to-read and evaluate, giving them a winning formula for writing their next bid. Our training provides step-by-step guidance in:

Understanding the Bid Lifecycle

We kick-off with the fundamentals of the Bid Lifecycle to achieve a common understanding about bid and proposal terminology. We examine what it takes to write a winning proposal and why proposals are such an essential part of the sales process.

Writing High-Scoring Answers

Supported by group and individual exercises, this comprehensive module develops the skills needed to write high-scoring answers. Our step-by-step process guides you from first draft through to your final, high-quality answers. We cover over fifteen core concepts in this module including: how we process information on a page; providing evidence; using graphics; captions; crafting customer-focused answers; editing techniques; using online tools to assess and improve your writing; the difference between a feature and a benefit; making answers easy to evaluate; time management; and a bit of fun with proofreading.

Producing Compelling Sales Proposals

There are times when a sales opportunity requires an unsolicited sales proposal, or a potential client asks for one. With unsolicited or proactive proposals, you typically get to choose the design, structure and content. In this module, we show you how to craft a compelling sales proposal. We cover capturing the issues, articulating the required results, and using our proven proposal structure for presenting your customer-focused solution.

Crafting High-Impact Executive Summaries

We deliver a step-by-step guide for developing impactful executive summaries, ensuring all participants understand the importance of the executive summary in the sales process. Your team will work through several best-practice exercises before producing a draft executive summary for one of your upcoming bids that can be used as a working template. We cover off all the basics from: who writes it; when it should be written; how long it should be; and what content it must include.

Answering the Question

In a formal procurement process, every point scored counts. In this module we introduce a four-step model for creating compliant answer outlines, ensuring you are scoring maximum points on basic and more complex requirements. We introduce content specific to your company and apply the model, revisiting past proposals and embedding the required skills.

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